Welcome! Рәхим итегеҙ

Welcome! Рәхим итегеҙ

This geopark is a territory containing global geological sites as well as natural, historical and cultural sites. It is a place where man meets pristine nature, where you can learn about the age-long traditions of the Bashkir land.
This project is driven by the locals, who are developing the partner network of the park that unites businessmen, activists and experts from all across the globe.

The Geopark is situated in 4 districts of Bashkortostan: Ishimbaysky, Sterlitamaksky, Gafuriysky and Meleuzovsky Districts and occupies over 4000 km2. 

Главные герои геопарка — шиханы Торатау, Юрактау и Куштау. Это фрагменты грандиозного барьерного рифа, который сформировался около 280–300 миллионов лет назад. Шиханы — уникальные и всемирно известные геологические объекты. 

There are a large number of caves on the territory of the geopark, including the longest cave in the Urals – the Kinderlinskaya (Pobeda) cave, as well as waterfalls, valleys, mountain rivers, cliffs etc.

The creation of this geopark helps us study and preserve unique terrains. After a while the geopark will become a magnet for tourists from Russia and other countries and a business development centre.


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What is a geopark?

The Toratau geopark is an administered territory, containing objects of natural, historical and cultural heritage, created for studying and preservation of unique terrains and landmarks in their natural state. The main principles of the park are: preserving of natural heritage, support of cultural traditions and development of local business.

How can I get to the geopark?

The Toratau geopark is a 2-hour drive from Ufa and a 3,5-hour drive from Orenburg. Both of those cities have international airports. Ufa, Orenburg, Ishimbay and Sterlitamak are all connected via public transit.

What to do?

A large variety of services is offered on the geopark territory. To learn more, visit “Things to do”.

Where can I stay?

On the "Accommodation" page you’ll find a list of camping sights, hotels and spa resorts recommended by the geopark.

What are the dos and don’ts of staying in the park?

От гостей геопарка мы ждем бережного отношения к природе, культуре и традициям Башкирской Земли — правила поведения в геопарке «Торатау». На территории геопарка, как и на территории всей Российской Федерации, действуют природоохранные законы и акты.

Do I need a permit to visit the park?

No permit is needed.

Who initiated the creation of the Toratau geopark?

On December 12, 2018 Radiy Khabirov, Head of the Bashkortostan Republic, signed the act, on creation of the Toratau geopark.

How can I create my own project in the geopark?

For creating your project on the territory of the Toratau Geopark, please fill in the following form. And we will know about your ideas and can provide recommendations.