Флора и фауна горы Йеласын-таш

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Salavat Cave is laid in the Visean limestones of the Lower Carboniferous layer (C1 V). The Cave got its popularity due to its easy accessibility, close location from the road Makarovo-Kulgunino and easy passage, and fame - thanks to the feature film "Salavat Yulaev". In 1940, the film Director Ya. Protazanov filmed the scene of the capture of the Bashkir national hero in the cave.

The oval entrance to the cave is 5x6 m and located in a Grand niche - a canopy of 25x20 m at the South-Eastern end of the Kalim-Uskan rock. It is clearly visible from the road. According to a legend, in ancient times, a local young man named Kalim fell from the top of the rock driven by unanswered love. This is why the second part of the rock's name is uskan. The word istranslated from Bashkir as Yell', 'dropped' or 'crashed'. The cave is 55 m long, the amplitude is 12 m, аnd thе volume is 125 m2. The cave is dry, and there are no wandering formations. The floor is covered with clay and rubble. The age of the cave is relatively young. It is no more than 0.8 million years old. If you go up the river from the Salavat Cave (0.6-0.8 km) at the foot of its right slope you will find the Russian Caves. They are 240 m long. You will see the Kuk-Karauk Cave. It is 200 m long. The karst Cave of Salavat is a part of a complex (botanical and geomorphological) natural monument founded in 1985.

The material was prepared jointly with the Institute of Geology of the Ufa Federal Research Center of the Russian Academy of Sciences (RAS)

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