Геопарк «Торатау» объявляет конкурс фотографии

Come to us for the winter holidays, take photos and get a chance to win 10,000 rubles.*!


  • "Unique heritage" - photos of landscape, nature, including panoramic ones.
  • "Geopark at an altitude" - a photo taken with a quadrocopter.
  • "Cultural/historical / architectural site" – photos of museums, religious sites, architectural structures, buildings, and other objects of value.
  •  "Underrated object" – a photo of a place / attraction taken from an unusual angle or not very popular with the mass tourist.
  • "Flora / fauna of the Geopark" – photos of plants, animals, birds, insects and other representatives of the flora and fauna of the geopark.
  • "This is Bashkiria" - a photo taken at a national holiday / event, reflecting the color of the republic and the peoples living on its territory.
  •  "The taste of the Geopark" - photo of a dish/drink of Bashkir cuisine.
  •  "Crafts" - a photo of the product, the moment of production of an object of folk or other arts and crafts.
  •  "Toratau local" – a portrait of a local resident.

Прием работ — 20 January 2021.

Все подробности — see the Terms and Conditions

* the prize of the winner in each category is issued with a certificate to the photo equipment store with a value of 10,000 rubles.

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