The terrain around Khazinovo is beautiful and rugged, the surrounding mountains are full of karst cavities. The most interesting sites near the village: Khazinskaya cave, Ice Cave (Ylasyn Cave), Otvazhnykh Cave (Cave of the Brave), Bezymyanniy (Unnamed) and Berkhomut karst springs.


Khazinskaya Cave is a valuable speleological and karst natural landmark. The cave is 214 meters long and has several levels. The entrance to the cave is 150 above the river level. The cave is quite high up, so the view of the valley from there is magnificent. Some 2km away from it lies Ylasyn Cave (also called Ice Cave or Sokolinaya Cave). The total length of the cave is 487 meters. The cave starts with a sloping tunnel. The slope is constantly covered with ice, further into the cave there are big ice stalagmites up to 3-4 meters high. The next stop will be the village of Kuzyanovo and the Museum of Ahmet Zeki Velidi, founder of autonomous Bashkortostan, a prominent orientalist, leader of the Bashkir national movement, turcologist, doctor of philosophy, professor, honorary doctor of the University of Manchester. 


09:00 – Departure

10:30 – Arrival in Khazino village, tour of Sokolinskaya / Khazinskaya Cave

12:00 – Excursion to the Berkhomut spring

12:30 – Drive to Kuzyanovo village

13:30 – Lunch

14:30 – Tour of Gafuri Museum

15:30 – Drive home

16:30 – Return

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8 hours

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Стерлитамак, Ишимбай, Салават

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1500 руб.
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+7 (917) 436-93-33