The Tabyn base is one of the most beautiful places in Bashkortostan, located 100km away from Sterlitamak.


The horse ride will go along the Zilim river, Aktash, Ukly Kaya Cliffs and Kinderlinskaya Cave located on the territory of the Zilim natural park. There are about 100 horses in the stables of Tabyn. The beauty of the nature around the base is also fascinating. Aktash Cliff is one of the most beautiful places in the republic. You can see its snow-white amphitheater stretching a couple of hundred meters along the turn of the Zilim river. Ukly Kaya Cliff hangs beautifully over a small village right at its foot. The village is called Tash Asty, which can be translated as “under a rock". 


08:00 – Departure from Sterlitamak

10:00 Приезд в село Имендяшево, чаепитие

10:30 – Briefing, crash-course in horse riding

11:30 3-часовая экскурсия верхом на лошадях/на санях, в упряжке к скале Акташ/Уклы Кая, долина реки Зилим

14:30 – Hot lunch at the base

15:30 Отдых, фото, прогулка к реке, баня по желанию

18:00 – Drive home

20:00 – Return

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12 hours

Difficulty level
Departure from
Стерлитамак, Ишимбай, Салават

*Check with the organizers

2700 руб.
2500 руб.
+7 (917) 436-93-33
г. Стерлитамак, Мира 1Б , офис 209