We will drive over the Old Beloretskiy Ekaterininskiy road, passing the beautiful Kuk-Karauk waterfall, Kalim-Uskan Cliff and drive along the abandoned road that was the only way connecting Ufa and Beloretsk in the 18 Century.


The real off-road tour of the Southern Urals will begin after Verkhniy Avzyan village. We will drive 20km on the timber roads up to the very top, where we’ll set up our camp. We will see the sunrise at the top of Bolshoy Shatak Cliff and witness the beautiful view of the Soutern Urals mountain peaks. If you have never been to the mountains, trust us the feelings you will experience here will unlike anything you have ever experienced. The impression is especially strong when you take the extreme way to the top.  


Departure from Ufa, drive to Verkhniy Avzyan village

Drive up Bolshoy Shatak Cliff

Camp setting up

Drive down over difficult off-road parts (moors, fords) to Beloretskaya road near Sermenevo village

Return to Ufa taking the Beloretskiy road

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ООО «РБ-Сафари»
Jeep ride

2 days

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6000 руб.
6000 руб.
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