Radiy Khabirov addresses the State Assembly - the Kurultai of Bashkortostan

On January 28, the Head of Bashkortostan Radiy Khabirov addressed the State Assembly – the Kurultai of the republic. Among other issues, he noted the importance of developing the hospitality branch in the republic:

Our Yangantau Geopark is the first in Russia and the former Soviet Union to be included in the UNESCO global network of geoparks. I am very grateful to the residents of our republic for their careful attitude to the cultural, historical and natural heritage of our region. We are carrying on with this work. And we have already applied the new geopark "Toratau", which includes the entire complex of shikhans, for a UNESCO status. Because that's what the residents of Bashkortostan wanted. This is very important for all of us, for our future generations.

The head of Bashkortostan also said that more than 2 million people visited Bashkortostan during the summer season. In order to strengthen the hospitality infrastructure, three new tourism and recreation clusters have been formed with preferences for promising projects:

This summer, we will have the Burzyansky tourist cluster, for which we received almost 400 million rubles from the federal budget. Now we are forming two more clusters – "Mighty Iremel" and the winner of the All-Russian competition "Heart of Bashkiria". We need to actively raise funds for this most important industry for us, create new tourist facilities, and develop the service.

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