Radiy Khabirov holds conference on development of Toratau geopark

The acting head of Bashkortostan held a conference on the Toratau Geopark project

The project was presented by Sergey Kapkov, Head of the Culture and Urban Development Center, School of Economics, Moscow State University.

The area of the park is over 4,2 thousand km2, it comprises unique natural landmarks and other objects of geological, biological, historical and cultural value.

The geopark has 47 natural sites, 27 of them are protected areas. According to Sergey Kapkov, there is no other place in Russia with such concentration of natural sites.

The Toratau geopark is expected to attract people living in Bashkortostan, but also scientists, hikers, travelers and researchers from all over the world. The total number of tourists will be about 500 thousand people a year.

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