The „Heart of Bashkiria“ opens in the Toratau Geopark

A folk crafts workshop called „Heart of Bashkiria“ opened in one of the many scenic sites of Gafuriysky Disctrict in the village of Tash-Asty at the foot of Ukly-Kaya. It consists of 8 yurtas placed in the shape of a Bashkir reed pipe.

The central yurta will be the biggest one and will serve as the conference-hall. It will be fit even for international-class events. Another three units will house workshops: Bashkir national jewelry workshop, Bashkir folk instruments workshop and national cuisine workshop. The 4 remaining houses will represent the major peoples of the region and Bashkiria in general: Bashkirs, Tatars, Russians and Chuvashes.

The ceremonial opening was attended by Amina Shafikova, the Minister of Culture of Bashkiria, Ilgiz Sultanmuratov, Director of the People’s Friendship House of the Republic of Bashkiria, Artur Alibakov, Director General of the Republican Folk Crafts Centre, Lucia Yulueva, CEO of the Bashkir Civil Assistance Foundation, Maya Denisova, Head of the Financial Division of the Bashkir Civil Assistance Foundation. The head of district administration Fanzil Chingizov opened the event with a speech.

According to the organizers, the main goal of the project is to inspire the youth to learn about the traditional crafts of the peoples leaving in Gafuriysky district.

The “Heart of Bashkiria” project was developed by the NGO helping the development of Gafuriysky district with support of the Bashkir Civil Assistance Foundation.

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