The horse tour goes around the western foothills of the Southern Urals, the ancient territory of the Cumans and Pechenegs, the territory of the ancient Bashkir tribe called Tabyn.


The tour will be great for both inexperienced and experienced horse. The experienced instructors will teach you how to talk to horses, how to ride horses. During the horse ride the gear will be transported by car. We will switch between horse rides and rest stops and hiking.


Day 1

Departure from Ufa (Main entrance of the “UFA” department store, 31, Oktyabrya avenue); Group transfer Ufa – Krasnousolskiy village(140km); General tour of the Krasnousolskiy resort; Bus ride to Tolparovo village(60km); Checking in at the guest-house or setting up tents on the base; Preparation for the trip (the group gets handed out gear), safety briefing. Horse ride training; Ride around the Zilim river valley; Tour of a natural landmark – the Tolparovskiye fir groves; Baths.

Day 2

Horse ride across the Takaty ridge to Camp Voskresenka(20km); Overnight camping

Day 3

Horse ride across the Kyrybuzhan ridge(20km) to the Sikashty stream; Stop at the Mindim river; Overnight camping.

Day 4

Horse ride to Imendyashevo village(10km); Camp setting up at the Tabyn base; Baths.

Day 5

Horse ride around: Ukly-Kaya cliff, Kinderlinskaya (Pobeda) Cave. The group may visit the entrance halls of the cave; Gear collection; Return to Ufa.

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