Kysh-Babay Residence to open in the Toratau Geopark

The Toratau Geopark invites you to visit Kysh-Babay. This year, the residence of the Bashkir Santa Claus will open in the yurts of the eco-hotel at the foot of Shikhan.

The reception of young guests will begin on December 19. Pre-registration is required by phone: 8 (937) 153-2021.

For guests, various "packages" of services are provided: personal or group greetings, with a master class on making a New Year's souvenir, with dances around the Christmas tree and games, as well as a video call from Kysh-Babai. The cost of programs - 150 to 500 rubles. For more information, please visit the account of the Toratau eco-hotel.

Winter entertainment will also be available on the territory of the Toratau eco-hotel

  • walking in the snow-covered karst province on a three-horse sledge (100 rubles per person)
  • snowmobiles (2000 rubles / hour)
  • ATVs (1500 rubles / hour)
  • paragliding flights (from 2000 to 3000 rubles),
  • accommodation in warm yurts of the eco-hotel "Toratau" (from 1000 rubles per place).
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