Аскынская ледяная пещера находится на Южном Урале — в Архангельском районе республики Башкортостан. Вход в пещеру расположен на восточном склоне хребта Уралтау на высоте около 70 метров над уровнем реки Аскын. Отсюда и название пещеры.


It is a karst cave of a blind type that was formed in limestone. The grand hall of the cave is 104 meters long, 61 meters wide and up to 26 meters high. Half of the cave is covered in ice. The specific nature of the cave allows ice not to melt even in hot summer weather, since the temperature here is always below zero (-4ºC). There is a unique relict glacier in the cave.

The cave has the national natural landmark status.

The tour guide is Guzel Khamitova, TV-journalist, author of TV projects on nature and tourism (“The tracker”, “The mythical Bashkortostan”), traveller.

Аскынская пещера работает согласно графику. Регламент посещения в летний период 10 человек, далее пещера «отдыхает» 50 минут.

The capacity of the cave is 80 people (Fri-Sun), 50 people (Mon-Thu).

If you plan to visit, please, call in advance and say, if you are visiting with a group. It’s prohibited to enter the cave without an appointment.


08:00 – Departure

11:00 – Arrival in Askino village

11:30 – Walk to the cave

12:30 – Tour of the cave

13:00 – Drive back

14:00 - Lunch in café

15:00 – Drive home

18:00 – Return to the city

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10 hours

Difficulty level
Departure from
Стерлитамак, Ишимбай, Салават

*Check with the organizers

2000 руб.
1200 руб.
+7 (917) 436-93-33