Announcement of the "Across my Homeland" contest

В доме пионеров г. Ишимбая прошло награждение по итогам муниципального конкурса «По малой Родине моей», организованного администрацией Ишимбайского района, ДЭБЦ г.Ишимбая и геопарком «Торатау».

More than 30 prize-winners received certificates, and in total more than 100 works were sent to the competition, including essays, drawings, stories and research papers.

Participants received useful gifts from the geopark: backpacks, notebooks, pencils, geological maps, hiking equipment.

The awards were presented by the General Director of the Toratau Geopark, Ainur Samanov. He noted the large number of works and thanked the initiators of the competition, saying that such creative competitions will definitely be held on a permanent basis and on a large scale.

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