Toratau hosts the first Bashkiria Rogaining Championship

August 30 the first Bashkortostan Rogaining Championship “Bash-Rogaine” took place at the foot of the Toratau shikhan. 100 athletes competed for the prize.

In six hours the teams of 2 had to get to checkpoints with the help of a map, a watch and a magnet compass. Each checkpoint brought a different amount of points depending on how far and difficult to reach it was. There was no particular order of checkpoints. Usually it is impossible to get through all the checkpoints which provides equal opportunities to the physically strong and strategically sharp participants.

The teams are moving at their own pace which mace regaining accessible to both young and old, experienced athletes and amateurs. Rogaining is similar to a couple of other sports (trailrunning, athletic tourism, orienteering, adventure racing etc.), but it has its own unique character and rules, - says the head of Bashkir Division of Russian Rogaining Federation Azat Yaushev.

Each participant got a finisher’s medal, the best athletes were Andrey Derkach and Dmitry Zhitukhin (male team), Alexander Astakhov and Alyona Astakhova (mixed team), Valeria Rylkina and Ekaterina Segen (female team).

Interestingly enough, a couple of newlyweds took part in the race. Denis Veker and Ekaterina Segen had married the day before and decided to spend the following day in an unusual way.

The competition was held with the support of the Ishimbay district administration, the Toratau Geopark, the toratau eco-hotel, the Apodit Tourism Association and the Aquanel drinking water. The next competition called "Karst trail" will be held on October 25. A cross-country race on a marked and prepared track will allow you to see many hidden natural attractions in the area of mount Toratau.

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