8 “heart of Bashkiria” projects receive Russian Federal Tourism Agency grants

"Heart of Bashkiria touristic cluster has the most winners. 8 projects will be implemented on the territory of the Toratau Geopark, Zilim nature Park and Bashkiria national Park, which are part of the cluster. The total amount of grant support from the Federal Tourism Agency will be more than 16 million rubles.

Photo: Rustam Igibaev

Thanks to the Bashkiria for you project, a glamping base will appear on the territory of the Bashkiria national Park near the village of Irgizly. The author plans to install four domed structures that will work all year round. From the camp site, you can go explore caves, go rafting later in the season, visit the sights of the national Park and the Shulgan-Tash Cave.

More than 2 million rubles were allocated to create an accessible environment for people with disabilities on the territory of the Askinskaya ice cave tourist complex, which is part of the Toratau Geopark. As part of the improvement concept, it is planned to install aluminum rails and ramps for strollers, purchase a multi-seat snowmobile, so that in the winter time of the year you can bring tourists on a tour. Inside the ice cave, stairs will also be adapted for comfortable ascent and descent of people with limited mobility, and a Yurt will be installed for tourists to relax. It is also planned to use the grant to make a documentary about a unique natural object — the Askinskaya Cave.
New projects will allow guests to get acquainted with the Gafuriysky district of the Republic. Thus, it is planned to build an eco-hotel based on FREE-DOM eco-modules near the resort area of the village of Krasnousolsky. These are small self-contained "houses" made of natural wood, with organic insulation for year–round operation-a beautiful and eco-friendly solution for camping in the bosom of nature. The authors of the project plan to install 8-10 such modules in the next season.

In addition, there will be an eco-complex called "Shishki". The architectural solution is based on all-season modern modular structures in the form of hemispheres for glamping-guest houses for 4-8 people, baths, a souvenir shop and a two-story complex with a cafe, conference hall and mini-hostel.
A number of "Hearts of Bashkiria" projects are aimed at developing excursion and sports tourism. Thus, Tengri plans to launch new water routes along the Belaya, Zilim and Nugush rivers with access to the reservoir on modern light-maneuverable 1 and 2-seater kayaks. The main difference between the proposed equipment is its transportability and mobility: kayaks are more maneuverable on mountain rivers, they pass through shallow water well.

Туристский маршрут к Геологическому разрезу Мендим раскроет тайны возникновения Земли. Центром маршрута станет выход скальных пород девонского периода. Здесь можно будет увидеть горные породы, которые сформировались в морских условиях около 375 млн лет назад, посетить небольшую и безопасную пещеру. Маршрут включен в авторскую экскурсионную программу «Выходные с геологом». Для приема гостей в живописном ущелье на берегу небольшой реки создадут приют — два модульных дома каждый на шесть человек.
New routes are also planned to be developed for the attractions of the Gumerovsky, Khazinsky and Makarovsky gorges, which are part of the Toratau Geopark.

There are many objects that are not yet sufficiently known to tourists: the natural monument “Sihanouk Cave and its surroundings”, Ylasyn Cave, Bergamot Karst Spring, Catherine Bridge on old Beloretsk tract or Akhmetzaki Validi Museum in the village of Kazanovo. The organization of tourist routes between these sites will contribute to the development of tourism, the creation of new jobs for the local population and contribute to the economic growth of the region.

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